Saturday, 23 June 2007

Gordon Brown

Mae Gordon Brown wedi cyrraedd ei ucheglais ( wel bron a bod beth bynnag) o ddod yn Brif Wenidog. Fe fydd yn dechrau'r swydd ar ddydd Mercher. Y cwestiwn sydd ar wefusau pawb yw a fydd yn Brif Wenidog addas ar gyfer Prydain? Neithiwr fel rhan o'i ymgyrch 'croesawi' roedd yn cael ei gyfweld gan 4 o gyfwelwyr mwyaf cas y BBC; Nick Robinson, Evan Davies, Martha Kearney o 'News Night' a John Simpson oedd yn siarad o'r Helmann Province yn Afganhistan. Roedd yn rhaglen diddorol ac yn wahanol i'r arfer roedd Mr. Brown wedi ymlacio'n llwyr ac yn ateb cwestiynau yn hollol hyderus. Mae rhaid dweud fy mod i wedi newid fy marn ar Gordon Brown mwy a mwy dros yr wythnosau dwethaf ac rwy'n dod yn fwy o gefnogwr gyda'r dydd. Cafodd y Prif Wenidog i fod ei gwestiynu ar bob ran o wleidyddiaeth. Cafodd cwestiynau ei godi ar yr Ewro, dyfodol ein system addysg, GIG, swyddi cabinet a'r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol, ac wrth gwrs Irac i enwi ond ychydig. Oll yn oll roeddwn i'n meddwl bod Gordon Brown wedi ateb yn dda ac yn llawn ac ar yr un pryd ei wneud mewn iaith syml roedd yn bosib ei ddeall ( Rhywbeth efallai mae Gordon Brown wedi sylweddoli bod angen newid ar gyfer yr ymgyrch!) ac felly mae gen i gobeithion mawr am y flynyddoedd nesaf, ac rwy'n gobeithio na fydd yn ein gadael i lawr!

Gordon Brown has finally reached his greatest ambition ( wel almost anyway) of becoming PM. He'll start the job this Wednesday. The question on everyones lips of course is whether he'll make a good Prime Minister who's suited for the job of ruling Britain? Last night as part of his 'welcoming' tour he took questions on News Night from 4 of the BBC's most grueling reporters; Nick Robinson, Evan Davies, Martha Kearney and John Simpson who was questioning all the way from Helmann Province in Afganhistan via Video-Link. It was an extremley interesting programme and suprisingly Gordon Brown answered difficult questions very calmly and very confidently. I must say that over the last few weeks I have warmed more and more to Gordon Brown. The PM to be was questioned on all kinds of topic from the Euro, to education, the NHS, cabinet posts ( including the odd choice of possible Lib Dem ministers) and of course Iraq to name but a few. I must admit that I thought Gordon Brown answered well and fully in a way that was understandable ( possibly something he's had to learn since starting the tour!) and so I have great hope for our new Prime Minister in the years to come, I just hope he wont let us down!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Bush and Blair

Mae'n edrych fel bod Tony Blair yn mynd i gael swydd newydd fel un o'r Middle Eastern Envoys ar ol iddo sefyll i lawr fel Prif Wenidog yr wythnos nesaf. Mae George Bush wedi bod yn trafod dyfodol y Prif Wenidog ac mae wedi cael ei ddatgan ar Al Jazeera bod Bush yn meddwl rhoi'r swydd sydd heb cael unrhyw un yn ei llenwi am amser i Tony Blair. Mae'n debyg bod Tony Blair yn mynd i gael y swydd gan bod e wedi gweithio'n galed fel Prif Wenidog Prydain dros y flynyddoedd mae wedi bod yn gwasanaethu yn y swydd i drio cael heddwch yn y Dwyrain Canol. Dwedodd Dana Perino o'r Ty Gwyn heddiw: "Obviously Prime Minister Blair has been very active and deeply involved in Middle East peace issues throughout his prime ministership." Ac yn wir bydde fe'n anheg i ddweud bod hyn ddim yn wir. Ond oes rheswm arall pam mae Tony Blair wedi cael y swydd? A yw hyn yn hen ffafwr yn cael ei dalu yn ol?

It's been speculated that Tony Blair will be the new Middle Eastern Envoy after he steps down as Prime Minister next week. George Bush has spoken to the PM according to the television network Al Jazeera about him possibly taking on the job. The Job has been empty for a number of months since the former World Bank Chief James Wolfensohn stepped down. It seems as though Blair has been offered the job because of the hard work he's put in over the years while he's been Prim Minister in the Middle East to try and create peace. The White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said: "Obviously Prime Minister Blair has been very active and deeply involved in Middle East peace issues throughout his prime ministership." Although it cannot be denied that this is indeed true one cannot help but wonder whether this is an old favour being dug up?

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Ceidwadwyr am stopio mynediad am ddim i Amgueddfeydd Prydain

Mae Hugo Swire y 'shadow sec' am ddiwylliant wedi dwedu bod amgueddfeydd ddim yn gweithio'n digon effeithiol gan bod nhw ddim yn gallu codi tal am fynediad a thrwy hynny gwneud digon o arian. Mae'r deddf sydd wedi atal pob amgueddfa sy'n cael ei berchen gan y wladwriaeth rhag codi tal yn ol Swire yn stopio'r amgueddfeydd rhag cael ei redeg yn effeithiol, hynny yw bod yr amgueddfeydd methu cynnal ei hyn. Er efallai bod hynny'n wir dydw i ddim yn deall pam mae'r Ceidwadwyr ddim yn edrych ar y deddf mewn ffordd positif. Efallai mae amgueddfeydd yn ffeindio hi'n anodd i gynnal ei hyn gyda'r budd-daliadau ma nhw'n derbyn o'r llywodraeth ond dydy hynny ddim yn rheswm i wneud nhw codi tal. Dyle'r llywodraeth edrych i roi mwy o arian i'r amgueddfeydd. Yn fy marn i mae'r polisi o wneud amgueddfeydd yn rhad ac am ddim yn un o polisiau diwyllianol gorau mae'r llywodraeth yma wedi gwneud. Mae wedi caniatau i bobl Prydain mwynhau'r gorffennol mewn ffordd newydd a chyffrous ac hefyd wedi ein annog i ddathlu ei hunaniaeth. Roeddwn i'n meddwl bod y Toriaid o blaid cofio'r gorffennol a'i ddathlu a'i pharchu, ond mae rhaid bod cabinet newydd 'trendy' David Cameron mor wael a'r lot dwetha.

David Swire the Shadow Culture Sec has announced that he believes that museums have fallen in to dis-repaire because they cannot afford to fund themselves because they are not allowed to charge for entry. This indeed could be true that the mueseums that are owned by the state are underfunded but this is no reason to abolish the free entry. I beleive that the free entry to them has been one of best culture policies this Government has implemented. It's allowed people to see their History, see their culture and have easy access to it. I always though that the Tories wanted us to celebrate our past and remember our history, obviously David Cameron's new trendy cabinet are as bad as the last lot.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Gwyrdd a Coch?

Mae Plaid Cymru wedi penderfynu cael trafodaethau llawn gyda Llafur dros y bosibilrwydd o greu clymblaid rhwng y ddwy blaid. Mae hyn yn creu llywodraeth gyda 41 aelod, sy'n mwy na ddigon i sicrhau bod busnes yn gallu mynd yn ei flaen yn effeithiol. Yn fy marn i mae'r syniad yma yn un llawer gwell na cael llywodraeth Llafur lleiafrifiol. Nid yw llywodraeth lleiafrifiol yn un cynaladwy ac nid yw'n cynnig yr optiwn gorau ar gyfer pobl Cymru. Yn fy marn i un o'r problemau mwyaf gyda gwleidyddion y cynulliad yw ei bod nhw'n edrych allan amdano nhw eu hyn ac am eu pleidiau yn lle pobl Cymru. Mae rhaid gofyn a oedd yr optiwn o'r 'glymblaid enfys' yn un a oedd yn mynd i allu wasanethu Cymru yn y ffordd mae'n haeddu? Neu oedd Nick Bourne, IWJ a Mike German ond eisiau pwer ei hyn? Dwedodd Mike German heddiw ar ol clywed am y trafodaethau rhwng Llafur a Plaid: "I wouldn't have expected anything different from Labour. They get desperately keen on making sure they hang on by their fingertips to power," Sain siwr os mae Mike German yma yn son am ei hyn a'r blaid Rhyddfrydol yma neu beth. Mae Mike German dros yr wythnosau dwethaf wedi bod yn desbrad i gael pwer. Roedd Mike German eisiau pwer siwt gymaint nath e perswadio'i blaid bod clymblaid oedd yr optiwn gorau. Mae Mike German yn meddwl bod ganddo rhyw hawl dwyfol i bwer yn y cynulliad er bod gan ei blaid ond 6 sedd! Mae pobl Cymru wedi gofyn am ddwy blaid trwy bleidleisio iddynt ar Fai'r 3ydd a'r 2 blaid hynny yw'r blaid Lafur a Phlaid Cymru, felly os mae pleidiau'r cynulliad yn gobeithio gwneud ei orau dros Cymru beth am sylweddoli hynny a neud beth mae pobl Cymru wedi gofyn amdano: Clymblaid Coch a Gwyrdd amdani!

It's been confirmed that Labour and Plaid will be meeting to discuss the possibility of a coalition goverment between the two largest parties. This would create a strong government of 41 seats, more than enough to ensure that the business of the day is passed effectivley. In my opinion the minority Labour government is not a sustainable one and not one which is best for the people of Wales. This is a problem that we have seen in Wales in the past where the parties have looked out for themselves instead of the people of Wales. It has to be asked whether the option of the so called 'rainbow coalition' is really an affective way of governing Wales in the way that it deserves? Were Nick Bourne, IWJ and Mike German lookin out for themselves and their parties when they were discussing the Rainbow Coalition or trying to win as much power for themselves as possible? Mike German said today after hearing about the talks Labour and Plaid were having about the possible coalition: "I wouldn't have expected anything different from Labour. They get desperately keen on making sure they hang on by their fingertips to power," I'm not sure whethere Mike German was getting mixed up here, maybe he was talking about his own party. It's the Lib Dems who have been desperate to hang on to power over the last few weeks. Mike German even managed to persuade his own party to vote for the go ahead with the coaltion. Mike German seems to believe hat he has some divine right to power in the assembly, even when he's only got 6 seats! On May the 3rd the people of Wales asked for two parties by voting for Labour and Plaid Cymru, it's about time that they realised this and did what the people of Wales have asked for: A red and green coaltion!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Thomas Cook yn stopio gweithwyr a chwstmeriaid rhag neud eu busnes yn yr iaith Gymraeg

Ma staff yng nghangen Thomas Cook, yng Nghwynedd wedi cael ei stopio rhag defnyddio ei iaith cyntaf, sef y iaith Gymraeg yn y lle gwaith. Mae hyn yn peth angredadwy i feddwl bod staff mewn busnes sydd wedi ei leoli mewn ardal fel Gwynedd llae mae canran uchel o bobl yn siarad Cymraeg yn dilyn polisi fel hyn. Mae Hywel Griffiths, cadeirydd Cymdeithas yr Iaith yn barod wedi siarad allan yn erbyn y cwmni gan ddweud ni fydde hyn wedi digwydd os oedd Deddf Iaith Newydd wedi ei roi mewn lle. Mae Elfyn Llwyd hefyd wedi dweud bod y peth yn annerbyniol ac mae'n mynd i siarad gyda Jack Straw, Arweinydd y Ty Cyffredin am pam mae cwmni sy'n dilyn y fath polisiau yn cael ei ddefnyddio fel y 'preferred choice' am drafnidiaeth aelodau seneddol. Er hynny mae aelod blaenllaw o'r CBI hefyd wedi siarad allan. Rwy'n siwr nid yw'n sypreis i chi glywed bod y mudiad asgell Dde wedi amddiffyn Thomas Cook gan cyfiawnhau beth mae'r cwmni yn gwneud ac ar yr un pryd dweud bod dim angen am Deddf Iaith Newydd. Unwaith eto mae'r CBI ddim yn gweld y pwint bod popeth yn y byd yma ddim i wneud ag arian ac weithiau mae hawliau sylfaenol pobl yn fwy pwysig! Yn ffodus i weithwyr Thomas Cook sydd am ddefnyddio ei iaith cyntaf yn y lle gwaith mae'r Comisiwn am Cyddraddoleb Hiliol wedi dweud ei bod nhw am cysylltu a'i cyfreithwyr dros y mater. Felly efallai mae yna gobaith i weithwyr Cymru cael yr hawl i wneud eu gwaith yn yr iaith Gymraeg!

(n.b dwi newydd clywed bod y Ceidwadwyr yn gobeithio dod a'r mater i lawr y Cynulliad yfori...dyle fe fod yn sgwrs diddorol!)

Staff of the Gwynedd Thomas Cook Branch have apparently been stopped from using their mother tounge of Welsh while doing every day business with other Welsh Speaking members of staff and Welsh Speaking customers. Hywel Griffiths, the Chairman of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg has already spoken out saying that the policy that Thomas Cook have taken is wholey unacceptable. He added that if the New Language Act that Cymdeithas yr Iaith and many others have been pressurising the Assembly Government to adopt had been adopted then this would never have been allowed to happen. Elfyn Llwyd leader of Plaid Cymru in the House of Parliment has also voiced his view and is going to ask Jack Straw, Leader of the House of Commons why Thomas Cook is the 'preferred' choice for Mp's travel. Unfortunatley the workers of the Gwynedd Branch have not only recieved support for their rights, they have also recieved some negative response from the CBI. Once again the Right Wing group has thought about profits before workers mandatory rights. The group defended Thomas Cook and said that there was no need for a New Language Act. Luckily for the workers of Thomas Cook who want to use their first language in the work place the Comission for Racial Equality has already contacted their lawyers. Maybe there is hope then for the workers of Wales to do their work in the Welsh Language!

(p.s. I've just read that the Conservatives are going to bring this matter to floor of the Assembly tomorrow....should be interesting!)

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hustings Dirprwy Arweinydd yn dod i Gaerdydd.....

Mae'r hustings am dirprwy arweinydd y blaid Lafur wedi dod i Gaerdydd heddiw fel rhan o nifer o hustings sy'n digwydd ar draws Prydain. Mae Irac di bod yn bwnc llosg yn Hustings Briste, Shefield a Coventry tybed beth fydd aelodau Caerdydd am ofyn i'r ymgeiswyr?
Ma Peter Haine di derbyn beirniadaeth llym yn barod o nifer o aelodau'r blaid megis John Reid ac felly nid yw'n edrych yn dda iddo fe. Yn bersonnol dwi di rhannu rhwng Hillary Benn a Harriet Harmann am y swydd. Bydd Harriet Harmann yn dod a'r blaid yn ol i'r chwith os mae'n cael y swydd gan bod hi di cyhoeddu'r ffaith bod hi eisiau gweld diwedd i'r 'divided society.' Mae Hillary Benn hefyd am ddod a'r blaid yn ol i'r chwith gan newid y ffordd mae'r blaid yn gweithio gan waredu'r ffordd mae'r swydd o PW wedi mynd yn un 'arlywyddol.' Peth da yw bod bron pob ymgeisydd am weld y blaid Lafur yn mynd yn ol i 'grassroots' y blaid ac maent am roi mwy o ddylanwad i'r undebau a fydd, rwy'n gobeithio yn rhoi mwy o lais i'r bobl- rhywbeth sydd yn fy marn ar goll o fewn y blaid Lafur presennol.

The Hustings for deputy leader of the Labour Party have come to Cardiff today as part of a tour which is going around Britain. Iraq has already been a big issue in the Bristol, Shefield and Coventry debates. I wonder what the members in Caridff will want to ask the candidates?
Peter Haine has already recieved strict criticism from Labour members such as John Reid over his thoughts on Iraq and so things are not looking good for him. Personally I'd like to see either Harriet Harman or Hillary Benn getting the job. They've both promised to bring the party back to the left after Mr Blair has taken it so far to the right. Harman has been very critical of the wages some are earning in the city and wants to bring an end to the 'divided society' she see's in Britain. Benn on the other hand wants to bring to an end the 'Presidential' elements that seem to have creeped in to the job of PM. It's good to see that almost every candidate wants to give a more influential role to the grass roots and to the unions. This will ( I hope) bring the peoples voice back to the Labour Party- which in my opinion is at loss in the present party.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Helo. Rwy'n newydd i'r fyd blogio yma felly bydd rhaid i chi cal ymynedd gyda fi tra bod fi'n dechrau neud e! Beth bynnag rwy'n gobeithio rhannu fy marn ar beth sy'n mynd ymlaen yn y byd wleidyddol yma yng Nghymru ac ar draws y byd trwy'r blog. Felly gwnewch yn siwr eich bod yn ymweld a'r blog yn aml!

(n.b. plis peidiwch a cywiro fy iaith! Diolch!)

Hey. I'm new to this bloggin world and so be patient with me while I get to grips with it! I'm hoping to use this blog to share with you my thoughts and opinion on the political sphere here in Wales and across the world! So make sure you come and visit the blog often to see what I've got to say!